Monday, September 20, 2010

New feeding tube, new ER

Early this month, Ada' s feeding tube came loose, so we took her to ER. It was not busy and now, instead of putting the temporary tube in her tummy, the can put a new G-tube in there. Ada has G-J tube so we have to take her back later during the week because it was a holiday weekend. The doctor came in to replace the tube and we got out of there in a record setting time; 2 hours.
Later that evening, her new tube came out again, so we went back to ER. This time we met Nurse Ann who is Ada's ER guardian angle. Ann was so happy to see Ada, she doesn't work on the floor but doing administrative work in ER. She get a new tube and pulled a doctor from somewhere to put it in. I knew he was not ER doctor because he was wearing red shirt. Anyway, we got out of there in 45 min. Amazing, isn't it? They also have different size cuffs for the blood pressure machine and it didn't beep that annoying noise. Another thing I noticed was there was a time sheet right in front of each room where the nurse has to sign every half an hour. This way no one would be left unattended for a long period of time. How genius is that? Wonder if Ann has anything to do with this.
Next week, Ada will go back to Therapy, dad and I will go talk to her Neuro Psychologist. We now have a team of therapists and doctors who will come up with a plan to work with Ada. Everyone is so excited to see what Ada can do now.
She continues to make progress, smiles and laughs a lot. Her Speech Pathologist told us it might be time to introduce the sign language to her (and to us).
We take her out as much as we can. It is still warm here but soon it will be Fall. I am gearing up on putting the rest of the donated items on auction. Hope we come up with enough money so we can get membership to the zoo and Healthplex so she have a place to go walk in Winter.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Ada and her nurse!
I wish you all the best with your sale of donated polymer clay jewelry items to help Ada.


Macey Leigh said...

Great picture Pon! Would you send me an email link to your auction? I would definately love to help you promote that anyway that I can.

Kimequa said...

Ada is looking so good! Just as a reminder, I have books on sign language and some on "baby sign language" which is a simpler version. I would be glad to loan any of them to you. Let me know if they suggest anything in particular to you as far as learning sign language goes.

I'm SOO excited about the possibility of Ada (and you) learning to sign. If it works, she will have so much more opportunity to express herself..!

And keep me updated on the auction. I will tell everyone I know to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear from you again! I love the Ann's for the world!!!!!!!! The chart signing every half hour is clever.

How much are the zoo and the healthplex memberships? Let's say the amount to meet whatever the auction cannot meet!!!!!!!

I LOVE Ada's photo with her nurse!!!!! Fantastic, sweet, beautiful!!!

I am excited about the team working with her and about you all learning sign language. So many doors will open if she can tell you what she is thinking!!! Oh my!!!!!

Go Ann for breaking the record of putting the tube in 45 minutes!!!!!

Good luck to you and Piak with the Neuro Psychologist.

Take care of yourself, my dearest friend. Love and hugs, F & M from FL

Wearmeoutart said...

Oh Ponsowan, you must be so proud of Ada! She looks so beautiful and I felt looking at this picture that we were looking into each others eyes and connecting. Your hard work has obviously paid off and so has hers!!!
Much love to you all!! Erica.

angkana said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

While our dear friend, Ting, is recovering from her brain surgery in Melbourne, Australia, I know she is always thinking of you and Ada. I miss hearing from Ting.

We are all hurt and need healing. Thank you for being the healing force in this world.

I did not realize how long Ada's hair is. She looks so beautiful. I hope to make a trip to visit you again early next year.

I bid on Wiwat's earrings. I hope you got enough bids for all the pieces. Don't you put up your rings for bidding too? I have my eyes on a couple of them.