Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can't believe it

Today we took Ada to see her PT. Her nurse was with her while mom and dad were talking with the Nuero Psychologist. It is a crucial time to get everyone together, be on the same page, same schedule, in order to help Ada continue making progress. I am so glad that dad went with us today. The plan is to do fun things with Ada, to make her laugh and learn at the same time.
There are many things that Ada would do with her nurse but not for me. For example, she will pick Cheerio from the cup and eat it herself, but I have to give her Cheerio by hand or she won't eat it. I always tell Ada's nurse that I don't believe it.
And you will never guess what she did today. She got up and walked with the cane. Yes, the cane, with her nurse holding on to her. It is not a typical grandmother's cane, it looks very high tect, with 2 big wheels in the front, 2 small wheels on the back. It let her push and walk with much more control. I did not see it, so I don't believe it. :)
Now we are going to PT every Wednesday. Yeh. Everyone is so excited about Ada's progress.
We also took her to Healthplex to walk on the tract. 8 laps equal to 1 mile. She is able to walk 3 laps now. We still use Guess pass but it would be nice to be able to get her to walk there everyday, especially when it is cold.
So, if you don't have a chance to bid on any preties yet, I will have a couple of round for the Auction later. Anything help


Melanie said...

Way to GO ADA!!!! :) So happy to hear you are getting around...and laughter is the "Best Medicine"...big hugs to you girl! :)

Kimequa said...

That girl can probably walk further than I can without breaking a sweat ;)How awesome!! Yeah, kids never let their parents know how much they are capable of. How else will they get babied at home? She probably loves all the special attention :)

Anonymous said...

Great news, Ponsawani!!!! I am so excited about the progress, Piak being there with you, Ada using the "cane", the laughs, the therapy, and the things she does with her nurse behind your back!

It was sooo good to talk with you! THANK YOU for calling my dear friend. How can you worry about my little surgery, when you have a bigger situation to deal with? You are amazing!

How much is the Healthplex and the zoo memberships? Give us the amounts so we know what you are shooting for! And do add those Indy 500 earrings to the second auction or put them for sale through your Web site! Fantastic! Take care. Much love and a big hug, F & M

Alisa said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! So happy to hear of Ada's progress. The auction items are just beautiful and I hope you make enough money to purchase those memberships. It sounds like Ada is making progress everyday. Thank you for the update Ponsawani.

Anonymous said...

Yay Ada!!!!!!!!!!!!


angkana said...

GREAT news! Yeah Ada and Ponsawan!!!!!!

It felt good winning the bid last time. I will do it again. Your pretty jewelry makes great Christmas gifts.