Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Fine Day

Today we took Ada to her appointment with Dr. Segal. He was not in the office but his intern was there. last time Ada was mad at him because he did not say hello to her. I think he was new and did not read her chart, which is about 3" thick. This time he came in, said hello and shake hand to her. Ada smiled. He must had done his home work because he asked what did she studied at Indiana University.
Oh, while we were waiting in the lobby, a nice young man asked if I remembered him. I thought he was Ada's friend, but he said he is an EMT and took Ada to the hospital one time. he was so excited to see her. he kept saying "Oh, she looks so good" and he will also tell all his friends. I don't know about those EMT guys. I don't expect them to remember everyone they have to pick up, but they all seem to remember Ada. Let face it, for 6 months after the accident, she was wearing pajama all the time, had her head half shaved or whole, had cast on her right feet, and half conscious most of the time. I wish I could go back and give them hugs. Those guys and girls did took good care of Ada. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We got done early so we went to visit folks at American Village Nursing Home. Everyone was happy to see Ada and Ada smiled, laughed and shake hand with all the nurses and therapists. Miss Florida, who took Ada's room was happy to see her and the 104 years old lady across the hall already passed away.
Really, I though I have to live there with Ada for a long, long time, but we ended up there for 3-4 months. Lots of good memories there. We will visit more often.
Ada starts moving her left arm and left hand more. She gives us nuggle and try to open her hand for high five. She is working hard on that.
She is completely off Bacrofen and she is doing good, so far.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponswani,

Those young doctors always get her attention! Hurrah for the EMTs and the great friends in American Village.... You know, whether before or after the accident, Ada is unforgetable!

A fine day always find the right name for the thoughts you are sharing! Love and hugs

Jackie said...

Pons, such a nice story, I liked hearing it today at chat and liked it again reading it here on Ada's blog. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

American Village spreads the word when Ada is visiting You bring smiles. You bring Joy. rock our world with your positiveness. Your mom is so amazing. Thank you for YOU Ada.