Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday in the Park

We took Ada to IMA since it was so nice outside and Arthy who just start his job last week wants to spend time with his sister. She gave him a kiss the other day and while we were cleaning the basement, I found Ada's old homework. She wrote a very nice things about her brother. She said "I think he is like an angel from up above when he's not acting like a little brat!" if you know Arthy, you'll know what she means.
It was nice having him there pushing Ada's chair, even though he was texting while driving, it is getting harder for me to do that. Ada has gained some weight during winter but she looks good and healthy. I just need to exercise more.

The IMA garden and ground had been our favorite place to visit for many years.

Last picture is the"Forget-me-not". Those tiny little flowers are so cute and so blue. Don't forget Ada, come visit her sometime. Oh, did I tell her that she open her left hand and gives up Hi-five? She is working on it and that's a great news.


Anonymous said...

Ponsawani, Beautiful photos of Arthy and Ada. Great comment about what she wrote about him...It is nice to see them together sharing. She looks so good. I love the photo that she is looking at you with a smile...The High Five is great news...the forget-me-not is a beautiful comment..beautiful shot! Love and hugs, F&M

Melanie said...

Oh what a Beautiful Day!....and two beautiful children Ponsawan!...Give Ada a Big Ole' High Five from a Kentucky friend!... Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

I never forget Ada! I live out of state, but think of her often!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!


Anonymous said...

I check here almost everday for information about Ada. Thanks so much for the wonderful news! It gives me joy and hope to see how Ada is growing, learning and healing from her tragic accident.

angkana said...

What a joy to read your blog and to see all beautiful pictures. Thanks Ponsawan.

You make IMA so special to me now. The way you enjoy this place throughout these years is the best PR any musuem can have.

Beautiful spring, indeed. I wish I were visiting you again.