Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making progress

A trip to visit Speech Pathologist always bring a smile as well as tears on my eye. It is so good to see Ada response to the game board, toys and devices that help her to communicate with us. Yes, she can pick up the picture of Cheerios from the board and give it to us when she wants Cheerios and she also picks up picture of the toilet to show us that she needs to go to the bathroom. We also have a device, like a recorder, with a button to push (like the "Easy" button from Staple), and it will say "Come here, please". When she needs me and I am not in the room, she can call me and I will be there. We also record the greeting so she can use it to say "hello" to her friend who visit her.
Overall, she is very happy, she laughs all the time and make us happy and laughing with her. She is able to pay attention and has an eye contact when we talk to her. I think she is studying how we talk. Sometime when we sit and watch TV, she will tap on my arm and make a sound "Umm" from her throat.
There are a few changes here. First, her old nurse is going back to school, so we will have new one. Second, we went to see Dr. Dave' and he wants to take Ada off of the Baclofen. Humm, I thought she has to take that for the rest of her life, but we will gradually wean her off and she will take more Amentadine which help her to be more alert and focus.
I start reading her some children book with lots of pictures. We also do puzzles. She is very fast with locating the A B C on the Alphabet puzzle make me wonder how much she remember them. We shall see.

Here are a few pictures of Ada. Sometime I posted them on facebook.


WonderfulWire said...

Such wonderful news! I especially love the photos where Ada is looking right at you with that knowing and comprehending expression... its so beautiful :)

Jackie said...

This is good news about the Speech Pathologist, Pons! And good that Ada continues to progress and learn new things over again. I keep my hopes high for her. Hugs to you, her devoted Mom.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! ... I come to Ada's blog almost every day (I'm sure lots of other people do too).

It always makes my heart do a "happy dance" when I hear of the great progress and happiness Ada is showing!

Big hugs to you both!!

Carolien said...

This is very good news. Ada's story has touched me deeply and I thank you for sharing it with us. I very much admire your perseverance and resilience.

angkana said...

I can feel your emotion reading the post. I got choked up many times with your writing and your loving thoughts and deeds for all of us.

You bear good news and we are grateful for sharing.

May Ada impress the heck out of us all with her continuing progress. May you be forever strong and full of love. We can't survive well without you.


Anonymous said...

Back again into the country. Ponsawani when you just told me that there was progress..I had no clue it was so much!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I am so excited to read your blog today.

I like your observation about "...studying how we talk." it makes know best!

I love the device the hello, the Come here, please...etc. messages. Good idea about reading the children's books. She has to relearn everything again and it seems logical to begin from step 1.

Good to hear about the physician's openess to begin removing her gradually from some meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos are great! I am so excited! Thank you for bringing happiness into my life and for taking the time that you do not have to share............Love, F&M

Anonymous said...

You have had two long years of slow progress, BUT the progress is there and continues. There is no telling when or if it will end. I wish you strength and endurance to continue in your efforts to help Ada reconnect with the world. I'm sending you a hug!
Linda Heydt