Thursday, May 17, 2012


On a nice spring day, we like to take Ada to Indianapolis Museum of Art. It used to be their play ground when they were kids. Lots of good memory there. The Museum ground is open from dust to dawn and there are several small gardens hidden with in the museum ground.
This event always involve Gymnastic move of some kind.. The kids used to do cartwheel racing from one end of the lawn to the other end. Sometime they will do back hand spring, standing back tuck or some crazy move. We sat Ada on the grass. She was just happy to be with her brothers.
For me it's all about flowers.
P.S. Autism walk last month was cancelled due to heavy rain and they had scheduled the walk on Sat., June 9. You can still join us or send donations :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE these photos of Ada, Archie, Arthy, and the flowers!!!!!!! Beautiful!

Kimequa said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one of all 3 laughing..and the one of all 3 and their wheels!!! :-)

scott davidson said...

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