Saturday, January 7, 2012

Archie's Graduation

Archie graduated from Indiana University with degree in Math last month. So now we have 2 IU grads. We took Ada with us since the weather was quite nice. She and her nurse and I waited patiently in the hall way, while the rest of the family sat in the Auditorium. We even had lunch at Thai restaurant that afternoon. Ada was happy and she smiled and smiled. I am sure she was very proud of her brother, I sure did.
I have to give Archie lots of credit to be able to graduated in 41/2 years. As a freshman at IUPUI, he had to worked night shift at Fedex and went to school during the day. Then it was Ada's accident. I was gone to be with Ada for a good 6 months. I didn't know how he could continue with his routine, but he did. He stayed at IUPUI for another year, then asked to transferred to IU Bloomington.
Arthy was in High school at that time. It was tought for him too. He rarely visited Ada at the hospital or nursing home. One time he told me"I want Ada back". I wish I could. Arthy finished High school and got a job at Fedex. While he still lived at home, he hasn't come into Ada's room often. It was Annie, his girlfriend who came in and played with Ada. Slowly, Arthy felt more comfortable sitting with Ada while I have to go do something else.
Almost 4 years now and the boys are all grown up. They are men now and we are closer to each other than ever. Every time Archie came home from IU, Ada, who is able to recognize every one foot step, was not able to sit still until Archie came in her room. Archie would laid next to her, whispered something in her ears that make her smiled. It was between us, he told me.
Our lives had become normal again, in a way. There is always someone (nurse) come in and out to take care of Ada. It was not comfortable at first, but we get used to it now. There is a ramp in front of the house instead of the step. Everything evolve around Ada and her routine. 4 of us went out together sometime, without Ada, or sometime we take turn eating because Ada refused to sit in the dinning room. I makes a lot more jewelry and get my Mojo back. I don't like staying at home but with technology and Facebook, I am not alone anymore.
Dad is doing well too. Ada loves, loves her daddy. he always gets a big kiss from her. We all get along better since we have to focus on Ada's need first, not ours.
Ada continues to make progress. I can't believe it had been almost 4 years. Can't wait to see what she can do 4 years from now.
Thanks for all your supports, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

Good summary of these almost 4 years! I am so proud of Archie! Interesting that Ada recognizes foot steps! Glad you do not feel so alone with Facebook and blog. We certainly communicate more with each other with these two sites. I can't wait either to see all what Ada will learn and do in the next 4 years. Happy New Year!!! HUGS

MaryL said...

That is so wonderful!! He has proved himself to have determination and he should do well! It really is great to see the photos you share... and wonderful to see Ada's progress as well as your own... hugs to you and warm thoughts sent your way for all of you...

kimequa said...

I love your updates about Ada and your family. I didn't realize Archie just graduated!! How exciting!

cbarniak said...

Wonderful recap. Your family is so strong. And your children must make you ridiculously proud. Ada is so proud of all you have done, she must be.