Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Ornaments made from Cheerios boxes

It had been a while from the last post, and I am apologized for that. I have done a lot of thinking, you know, how I feel about Ada, this Ada and old Ada. Ada is now a new person, it won't be fair to hold her against the old one. After all I won't get my old Ada back. It's only fair to move forward in life. I don't think Ada remembers anything or anyone from her past. I don't think she even remembers me, it just that I am always around 24/7.
It had been almost 4 years now. I am quite comfortable being a stay-at-home mom again. Oh, how much I used to hate that. Now I can go out and get away if I schedule the trip in advance. Arthy spend more time with Ada and more comfortable babysitting for a couple of hour with the help from Annie. I can go to meeting, a few retreat and spend as much time on Facebook talking to friends and customers.
Ada used to volunteer and did Charity works, and this Holiday Season, I want to raise some money and give it to Charity in Ada's name. These ornaments were made from Cheerios boxes. I saved a lot of them. Here how I do it. I cut the box into 1" strips, then glue 2 strips together. Cut the strips into pieces then glue 2 pieces together. Then I paint each pieces and glue them on another piece of cardboard, like so. After that, I paint more details on each tree, and add some dangling beads at the bottom.

I am planning to make more of them, so if you can help, please let me know. I am selling each one for $5 and it will take $1 to mail it.

Have a Happy Holiday everyone.

I am now at peace with myself and quite happy :)

P.S. Why Cheerios box, you might ask? Ada, for a while now, only eat Cheerios, Banana Nut Cheerios. She received 3 can of formula (Ensure kind) each day, a glass of juice, V-8, and a cup of soup via her feeding tube. She eats about half box of Cheerios everyday. Lately, she adds Gold fish cracker, Teddy gram and freeze dried Strawberry and Blueberry to her diet. So... I have a lot of Cheerios box :)


Marjon said...

warm regards from holland

Melanie J. Pierce said...

God Love You and Yours Ponsawan...You are truly such a remarkable woman in so many ways...I admire your strength along with your artistic side....I will be placing an order very soon...I wish you Peace, Love and Healing Prayers go out to your Princess Ada this "Christmas Season"


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you. So happy to hear that you have found peace. I admire your strength so much. Please let us know how to purchase some of your lovely little trees. I have read your blog for years. First to admire your polymer clay work and then to keep up with your beautiful daughter's progress. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season.

angkana said...

Your last line got to me. I feel very light reading it.

I want 10 of them. They are outstanding. Thanks for never give in or give up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

You continue to be an inspiration to me. I am glad you are at peace. The trees are beautiful. I will call you this weekend.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Ponsawani,

It was good talking wiith u on the phone. I want to order 10 trees please. Also i wiill post the bracelet later. TY! Hugs…