Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Grant, I might say, is the only guy friend who still visit Ada. He visits when he comes back to town, from Afghanistan. Grant's mom is a good friend and genius hair dresser, she can cut my hair, (Seriously, it is not an easy task). Ada gives him a big smile and he makes her laugh. Grant got transfer to Japan which will make us sleep better at nite knowing that he is no longer be in the war zone.
Last week, Rachael and I took Ada to the movie theater. We are not sure how long she is going to sit there, so we picked the movie "Toy Story 3". Ada likes the preview, she laughed and smile d up until 3/4 of the movie, when it was kinna sad and not so excited, she pointed to the door. I took her out, walked around then went back in but she was not happy about it, so we went home. Not bad though, she was in there for more than an hour.
Ada starts eating more and more Cheerios, but I still have to give it to her by hand.
Early this morning, I heard Ada laughed, I turn around and she was still sleeping.
Must be a good dream.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

All good news! Grant is a very special person! I wish there were more guys like him. Their picture is worth a million words! You can tell they were enjoying each other.

It is great that she lasted that long in the movie theater and that she was able to point to the door to let you know what she wanted.

She continues to make so much progress. For you it might be little steps because you see her daily, but for us they are giant steps! Go Ada!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing with us. Love and hugs, BSU friends

angkana said...

I agreed. Giant steps indeed. Thanks for sharing in an intimate way.

Hearing about Grant helps me continue to believe in the goodness in us, human-being. I have a hope that I can be like him if I continue to try. I think he will like Japan.


Susanne said...

Oooh, I'm moved to tears by
Ada's smile... So happy to
see her like this! Gorgeous
having a friend like Grant!

Aunt Ting said...

My dear Ada,
Forgive me for not writing in your blog for a while. I have been in touch with your mom through facebook and checking your progress regularly. I am thrilled to see how you can enjoy music, movies and friendship. Thanks to good friends such as Grant.
Please tell mom that I will always be with you and your mom. You are not and will never be alone. Go well Ada.

Deborah Ross said...

Dear Ponsawan, You don't hear from me much, but believe me, I think about you and Ada all the time. l love to see your rings everyday on Flickr.
It must be so exhausting and heartbreaking to deal with this new Ada every day. I hope more old friends like Grant will stop by to lift your spirits. When you are feeling worn down, think of all of us on the internet who pray for you and think about you. I hope it helps in some way.

Macey Leigh said...

I love this picture of Ada and Grant!