Friday, May 14, 2010

A visitor

Today I moved Ada's bed out of the way and pulled up her chair next to the window. There is a bird feeder outside and hungry birdies come all day for food. They come early and make so much noise.

Not only birds come, today we have a small visitor. I put a table outside next to her window and plant some flowers. Look at the squirrel peeks through the planter.

He walks around the planter looking for seeds that I dropped on the table earlier. He even peeks through the window. Ada was amused and she was enjoying his company. I left a few nuts near the window. I hope he came back.

We took her downtown today. Walking along the canal then crossed the White River to the Zoo. There are gazillion kids at the zoo. We will go back some other time.
Ada has a few issues this week, she is grumpy and does not sleep well. We took her outside as much as we can. Mom needs to go for a walk too. The drawback is that Ada knows we will put her on wheelchair and push her around so she doesn't need to walk. Still struggle to get her to walk 10 rounds around the house everyday.
Other than that, she is healthy and happy. :)


Susanne D. said...

So good to see her, and so nice,
to hear from you, Ponsawan...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

The photos are great, she looks like she is enjoying the view (beautiful flowers) and the activity outside her window. What a great idea!

I hope you figured out by now what was causing (if anything in particular) the grumpiness and sleepless nights....

It has been a while since you write about her walking...I was wondering about that. She had gotten to a point of walking so much. I miss hearing about her walks. Go will begin liking to walk more soon...

We are thinking about all your family a lot with the terrible political situation in Thailand. Our thoughts are with your families. We hope the violence stops and some peace comes back to the city. Take care. Love, F & M

angkana said...

Love your photos and the story-telling. Thank you for making everything so special as always.

Have a great weekend.