Saturday, December 26, 2009


Dr. Chuck came by to evaluate Ada last week. This is the first time we talk to a doctor who understands Ada's condition. He was able to answer my questions and explained everything in plain English. He explained why she cannot communicate or talk. I asked him about her feeding tube. He said we can feed some fruit juice through her tube. Ah-ha! How about some V8 so she can get a full day supply of fruit and vegetable.? So we try. Not only she can tolerate it well, it also solve the constipation problem.
Ada's arm healed up real well. She starts moving it again. We can start exercises her arm but she still keep it tight. We have to try to get her up and walk again. She had been sitting all day for a while. But she is happy and laughing. We also working with the picture board. We put a picture of cheerio and other things on there. She has to pick up the picture of Cheerio and put it in our hand, we then can give her Cheerio. It sound like an easy task, but not for Ada. She is working on it though, and we have hard time not giving her the Cheerio. Again, we just learn that Crossroad also provide PT, OT and Speech. We wasted our time at RHI. That's place is not for Ada.
The Ebay auction is going well. We will continue to do so for a while since we have more than 80 items.
Ada has a big gift from Santa, but it did not come from the North Pole. It was from her dear friend, Grant Brown, who stations at Afghanistan. I wish for him to come home safe.
We are planning Ada's Birthday party on Saturday January 16, 2010. She will be 25. Turning 25 is quite a big deal for Thai people. It is the age when you are entering an adulthood; finishing school, getting a job, and settle down. It will be an opportunity for her friends and my friends to come visit us. I know it is hard to see her like this, but a friend is always a friend, right? Or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

You mentioned the auction is going well .... I think you should say the EBAY AUCTION is going well :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree; it is very difficult to see Ada this way. I would like to change that, though. Please be sure and let us know when her birthday party is, and I will be sure to come.

Silastones said...

I used to asked my mom why we have to go to the funeral. That person is alreday dead and will not know that we were there. My mom told me that we went there for the family that was left behind, so they would know, that we care.

Jackie said...

Pons, I would come to Ada's birthday party in a minute if I could. No it's not just you. One problem is that some young people only think of themselves and because Ada is the age she is, her friends are thinking only of themselves. Just remember all of those who have come to you and held yours and Ada's hands during this time, and know they are the true friends who will go outside of their comfort zone for a friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I am glad the doctor answered your questions. I would love to know why she cannot talk or communicate because it makes a difference in knowing what the future entails in this area. A friend was just telling me that something similar happened to a friend and the doctor said that it was due to the tracheotomy (sp?) hurting the vocal chords. Every person is different...I know. I am glad her arm is healing and that she began to move it. It will take time with the picture board, but she will learn it.

It is hard for some young people and adults alike to see anyone with a disability. Some of us are fine and can spend hours helping them or just being with them, but others can't..emotionally they can't do it. I do not think that it means that they do not care and are no longer her friends although there might be some that were not true friends to begin with and they moved on.

You will have the true friends there at the birthday party and those of us who cannot travel from afar to be with you that day will be present with you in thought. Know that we are united although the distance separate us. Our reason for not going is different.

Your Mom was so wise. I loved her answer to your question about funerals. The Thai tradition of the 25th birthday is wonderful! I wish I could be there with all of you.

May 2010 bring more advances in Ada's journey toward recovery! And may you, Piak, and the boys continue to find strength and much support. Thank you for the card.

Love you with all my heart. A big hug, F and M