Friday, December 19, 2014


If you had followed Ada's blog since the beginning, I am sure you remember Ardis Hendrix. She went to the hospital as soon as she heard about Ada and stayed with us at the hospital everyday, stayed with us at the Nursing home everyday, until Ada moved to Rehab Hospital which is quite far from her home, she still visited us regularly.
3 years ago, I invited Ardis and her family to Ada's Birthday party, they did not showed up. I gave her a call and she said she was sick, she turned yellow and went to the hospital She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.
She was in the hospital off and on, surgery and Chemo. I tried to visit as often as I can. She is a fighter, she is tough. We had lunch together when she feel strong enough to get out of the house. I wish we live a bit closer ans I wish I could take care of her.
Today Macey, me and Ada went to visit Ardis at home. I had this feeling that she does not do too well and I should see her, now. She is pale, skinny and can barely open her eyes. Tom was trying to give her some water to drink. She open her eyes and said hi to us. She had been really sick since yesterday, Tom said and he tried to call hospital but they did not have a room for her. I gave Ardis some water while Tom stepped out to make a call and good new is they are sending ambulance to pick her up so she can go to the hospital.
I can see, her time is near and we all feel hopeless.
I wish, next life,  I had you, Ardis Hendrix, as my real sister.
I love you so much, and I know Ada loves you too.

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Melanie Pierce said...

Oh Dear God.... I am so very sorry to hear Ardis is not doing well Ponsawan. My heart breaks for her family and friends at this time. I remember when Ada was first in the hospital after her tragic accident. Ardis was your voice! She was your backbone until you found the strength to address the doctors, nurses and staff concerning Ada's care. You truly are so Blessed to have such a wonderful friend and sister in your next life! Give Miss Ada love from me today and I hope she gives you a big love back from me!