Friday, January 18, 2013


Ok, Ada does need surgery. We went to see a plastic surgeon, who was very kind and very nice to us. He said Dr. Cohen, the Neuro Surgeon wrote a very nice note to him about Ada. He better!
The surgeon thinks there must be something wrong with her bone flap, either an infection with the bone itself, or a nut or screw that holds them together. So the plastic surgeon, the neurosurgeon and the Special disease doctor will team up and work on Ada's case. They said they will take the time and get it right, so we don't have to do it again. Oh well, according to the doctor, they can't guarantee that this won't happen in the future. But they will do their best to fix it.
I am at peace, whatever happens, happens. I am ready.

The one thing that worries me is Ada's nurse, Joyce will not get paid to be with Ada at the hospital.  Ada's insurance only pays for a nurse to work at our home. And I think Ada will be in the hospital for a while. I will need the help, and Joyce needs to get paid.

We are very lucky to have Joyce as Ada's nurse, not only does she love and take good care her, she also gets along with the family. Ok, the dogs love her because she always brings them leftovers. I can leave the house and go away without worry when Joyce is around. I totally trust her that she will take good care of Ada. Joyce cares for Ada during the day, Monday to Friday, and we have Nina here on the weekends.
I would love to take care of these two ladies. With your help, I could be at ease during Ada's surgery and hospital stay. Her doctor hasn't scheduled the surgery yet, but it will be in a few month.

My friends, if you can help me out, please donate some money to help pay for the nurses, who really, really care for Ada. I know they would come to take care of Ada even though they won't get paid. Click on the donate button on the right. I would appreciated all the help I can get.



Anonymous said...

Oh Ponsawani, yes, you are in peace! You are right it needs to happen so all what we can do is think positively, for those of us who believe in prayer, pray a lot, and hope for the best. We can also assist you with funds. How much do you need, any idea? Lots of love your way....Hugs

Silastones said...

We are not sure how long Ada will be in he hospital. So far we received $200 donation. We probably need more, but what ever you can help, we would be gladly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Any updates so far?

Anonymous said...

Please update! I miss reading about Ada's progress.