Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer time

Today we went to Holiday Park. I remembered those good old days when the kids were young, we went to Holiday park often. They would race down the trail that lead us to the river below. I slowly walked down the terrain. These day Ada and I can only walk around the park, on the pavement since it is not easy to push the wheelchair on the gravel.
We take her to IMA a lot since it is so close to home. Sometime we took her to the canal downtown. Dad like to take us to Ritter for frozen custard, or a short trip to the grocery store.
For us, taking care of Ada seems like normal. We all get use to it. It is becoming a routine, Ada is the center of the universe and she knows it. She likes to be with her dad and her brothers, as long as they keep giving her Cheerios.
I met an old friend at the store the other day, she complained about me not blogging. Sorry about that. With my 998 friends around the world on Facebook, it just easier to post on Facebook and be done with it. So, if you are on Facebook, look me up - Ponsawan Sila.
This month, Ada just received a TBI waver which will allow her to get more services. Right away, we were interviewed by the consultant from St. Vincent New Hope about the ฺBehavior Support services. The lady that came for the interview made me cry, tears of joy. Finally, someone who understand and know how to work with Ada, and me. Finally, we will have a therapist who will come here, at home, once a week, to work with Ada so I can stop being Ada's therapist. I just want to be a mom. I just want to be Ada's mom, to love her, take care of her, make her laugh and be happy.
I just want Ada to be happy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Ponsawani!!!!!!!!! Great news of the therapist! I am so excited. It will be a good feeling for you to concentrate on, like you said, being a mom. I do not know the acronym TBI, but I lloveeeee its explanation1 Urrah for the TBI!

The closeup photos are great! Love them. Every time to post a photo you see more expressions in her face! We have to write a letter to the Park to make their facility ADA accessible so that EVERYONE can enjoy it, not just the able bodied.

Thank you for posting on the you...hugs! F&M

Anonymous said...

Great photos and great to hear about the therapist! That's exciting news!!


Rachel Watson said...

Keep these posts coming! There are those few people that do not have facebook due to work and things. They want to see what's going on too. I love looking at updates on the blog even though I have facebook! It's like Ada's own little tribute page. Makes me happy! Love you!!